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"It makes me really proud to be American."

"The Capitol building & the Martin Luther King Memorial was probably my two favorites."

"Today i'm in Washington because I really love history and I thank my parents for letting me come here."

"I feel like students in America should definitely take the opportunity to go to DC and see what our capitol is like."

"I got to see American history right in front of my eyes..."

"We're staying at the Great Wolf Lodge...the water park is amazing!"

"Arlington National Cemetery was really motivating to me..."

"It's an amazing opportunity..."

I love getting to see the places I've heard about in class and it's not just a textbook anymore, it's a real place.

~ Reagan Smith, Student / Washington, DC Trip

"We've seen places that I would never been able to see..."

"I always wanted to go the White House and we did."

"It's just a totally different get to cover so much more ground."

"My favorite part is probably all the Smithsonian's."

"It's a one in a lifetime opportunity."

"There's a place called Ben's Chili Bowl that we went to & it's really awesome."

"We always learned things about history, but it's really nice getting to see where the things actually happened."

"We've seen lots of sights, it's really busy but it's a lot of fun because you're with your friends."

"It's my first time in DC and in the east coast, it's been a very eye opening's been really fun."

"Breathtaking - you should definitely go on it!"

"[The 9/11 Memorial] brought it more into reality how many people died that day."

"My favorite part...was laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier."

"It's...more of a learning experience..."

"It may be educational, but you get to do a lot of cool things..."

"I know some of you might be thinking that coming on this trip is boring...,but it's way different with your friends."

"You get to...kind of be a little more of an adult."