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"I got to meet a lot of new people from different schools."

"It was going to be a "normal" school trip but..."

"My favorite part...was going to the Mets/Marlins [baseball] game."

"I'm at the first settlement in America..."

"My Mom helped me do a fundraiser..."

"The thing I like the how Boston looks..." was really helpful in just realizing how lucky we are to be Americans."

"My favorite part was...the water park at the Great Wolf Lodge...they [also] have an ice cream parlor [and] a video game'll have a great time."

I love getting to see the places I've heard about in class and it's not just a textbook anymore, it's a real place.

~ Reagan Smith, Student / Washington, DC Trip

"[We] usually don't get to [travel] with friends so it's a new experience."

"It's cool to see where your nation's capitol is and where everything comes from."

"It was my first Broadway show...I got all nice and dressed up."

"What I like about the trip, is that we get to learn so much about the history of the US..."

"New York was unbelievable...Times Square, the lights were astonishing."

"My favorite part about this trip was visiting New York City and traveling with my bestfriends."

"School Tours of America helped us go where we needed to go..."

"I loved DC Cupcakes!"

"Washington, DC is a great place to go & explore..."

"The best part of this trip is..."

"You experience it & it's more fun..."

"They really make sure that your child is okay and safe at all times."

"Our bus driver...he knows so much it's crazy."

"It definitely gives you a chance to meet new people...[and] reconnect maybe with old friends."

"The trip to Washington was a see [it] in real life is just amazing."

"My favorite part of New York is that they think about everything and everyone..."