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"It was my first time flying on a plane and it was really fun."

"When I first heard about the tour I was really excited because I've never actually been to DC or New York...I couldn't wait and I wanted to [go] the next day."

"This trip is Amazing..."

"School Tours of America is fun!"

"Bringing [the classroom] to life is really different & really fun."

"Going to Gettysburg...gave me more of an affection for all those people [who died]..."

"My favorite part that inspired me was going to the Arlington Memorial, because I got to see my Great Grandfather's grave..."

"I'm really looking forward...[to seeing] Annie on Broadway, because I want to be on Broadway someday."

I love getting to see the places I've heard about in class and it's not just a textbook anymore, it's a real place.

~ Reagan Smith, Student / Washington, DC Trip

"It really helps you understand more about history...and helps you learn more."

"We went to the Holocaust [Museum] and it was not what I expected."

"[The memorials] share a great part of our history with...our generation and it's things you'll cherish forever."

"...seeing everything in our history, it just brings it back to life."

"Being able to experience...a Broadway show as well as be on Times Square & not just see it in a picture."

"This is my first time going somewhere new and was my first plane ride which is super fun."

"Once we got on the plane and we were in DC, I felt like I was right at home...i'm enjoying my time, it's fun here."

"[The Holocaust Museum] was just really eye opening."

"You get to see a lot of great views & stuff."

"I went to some of the coolest places ever..."

"We got to go to this amusement park called Busch Gardens..."

" really inspired me to join the military after going to the Twilight Tattoo."

"My favorite part was going to the Smithsonian & seeing all the cool diamonds..."

"One of my favorite places to go was Monticello, because you get to see all the things that Thomas Jefferson invented."

"We got to go to Williamsburg...and I got this Spanish coin."

"All the people and places that we learned about in our history books came to life."