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"I never realized how great [President] Jefferson was..."

"This is a fun trip...I think you should come."

"...looking at all the monuments, the's totally breathtaking."

"You get to meet new people and do things independently that you've never done before..."

"[This trip] literally puts a new spin on your history class..."

"My favorite part was probably the Holocaust Museum, because I learned so much."

"They have a lot of fun gift shops."

"Learning about it in school was fun, but coming here made it click."

I love getting to see the places I've heard about in class and it's not just a textbook anymore, it's a real place.

~ Reagan Smith, Student / Washington, DC Trip

"I really enjoyed it and I hope to see more!"

"You feel honored when you're in your nation's capital."

"I've always heard of these places...but never actually gotten to see them."

"My favorite thing on the trip was i guess Twilight Tattoo, which is where we went and saw the military and they performed some tricks for us."

"It's an amazing experience for different learners."

"It's just so much fun, once in a lifetime experience!"

"Going to New York City...I felt like a famous person..."

"One fundraiser I did was talk my Dad into selling his truck..."

"Coming here really brought it to life..."

"[At the Vietnam Memorial] we were able to help a friend find her grandfather's lost friends..."

"There's so many things to see. Four days isn't enough to capture it all."

"My favorite place in New York was Chinatown."

"It's worth your money to's really hands on, fun."

"My favorite thing so far was the [FDR Memorial]...they represented the progress of all the things he'd done in just four little rooms."

"I'm just excited to be here & learn about American History and the culture."

"I was given the privilege to come to Washington, DC..."