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"I was 5 feet away from the first president!"

"I've...never been east of the Mississippi, so it's really cool."

"What really stood out...was our trip to the Capitol building..."

"This is really fun...a blast."

"The four days we had altogether went by too fast..."

"My favorite part about the trip was meeting new friends..."

"The Holocaust Museum you actually got to witness the clothes & would not be able to get that learning experience in the classroom."

"I learned a lot...about the veterans & all the people who fight for our county..."

I love getting to see the places I've heard about in class and it's not just a textbook anymore, it's a real place.

~ Reagan Smith, Student / Washington, DC Trip

"I didn't really know my teacher...before this and now I know her a lot better...and I think that's really good."

"It's been a life experience. I've never done anything like this before."

"La cosa que me gusto mas hoy fue el memorial de Abraham Lincoln."

"I've been here in the past and I had a fun I thought i'd come again to have fun."

"It's funner than just being in a classroom..."

"You can see a lot of sights you were just able to read about..."

"You get to learn...and hang out with your friends at the same time..."

"You get to see things that you've never seen before..."

"The most impressive on this trip was the changing of the guards..."

"It's really cool being at the first English settlement in America."

"We've done so many things...we went all the way to the top of the Empire State Building."

"You're learning a lot more about your nation...and you get to see it for yourself."

"I've just been really enjoying this DC & New York...I really recommend going."

"I think it is really a great experience...and a great privilege."

"It makes me really proud to be American."

"The Capitol building & the Martin Luther King Memorial was probably my two favorites."