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Teacher   Parent  Student

"We really love working with School Tours because they're efficient...we get a lot of bang for our buck."

Lisa Hurst
Pleasant Grove Middle School
Texarkana, TX
8 years with School Tours of America

"[School Tours of America] made everything so easy..."

Sarah Brown
The Academy
Westminster, CO
3 years with School Tours of America

"School Tours of America by far beats any other company that I have ever worked with."

Debbie DeAlmeida
Hickory Hills Middle School
Springfield, MO
15 years of student travel, 3 years with School Tours of America
Has traveled with 4 tour companies

"The thing I enjoyed the most is the people that I've met along the way."

Mark Bohlam 
Holy Rosary School
Tacoma, WA
2 years with School Tours of America

"Seeing the kids excitement...has been inspirational to me as their teacher."

Ryan Westrup
Tuloso-Midway MS
Corpus Christi, TX
1st year traveling with students

"The school tours are fantastic for our children...the educational value is unbelievable."

Dr. David Dupuis
Rene Rost Middle School

"...of the 8 years that I've done the trip I've never had a student complain."

Heather Ryan
Newark Junior High
Newark, CA
8 years with School Tours of America

"I thoroughly enjoy the trip and coming back here."

Jack Foster
River City Middle School
Post Falls, ID
11 years with School Tours of America

This is the second company that I've worked with and this will probably be the last.

- Gregg Blanchard, Teacher / Kleb Intermediate

"School Tours made it so easy...I really didn't have to do all that much."

Lisa Drago
St. Catherine of Siena School
Port Arthur, TX
2 years with School Tours of America

"...the students, I think, will remember this for the rest of their lives & you can't put a price on that."

Don Luong
Gage MS
Huntington Park, CA
1st year traveling with students

" just feels like a giant family and I strongly recommend [School Tours of America] for anyone that wants to travel."

Jennifer Barton
Lake Hamilton Junior High
Pearcy, AR
1st year traveling

"I got to see American history right in front of my eyes..."

"We're staying at the Great Wolf Lodge...the water park is amazing!"

"Arlington National Cemetery was really motivating to me..."

"It's an amazing opportunity..."

"We've seen places that I would never been able to see..."

"I always wanted to go the White House and we did."

"It's just a totally different get to cover so much more ground."

"My favorite part is probably all the Smithsonian's."

"It's a one in a lifetime opportunity."

"There's a place called Ben's Chili Bowl that we went to & it's really awesome."

"We always learned things about history, but it's really nice getting to see where the things actually happened."

"We've seen lots of sights, it's really busy but it's a lot of fun because you're with your friends."

"It's my first time in DC and in the east coast, it's been a very eye opening's been really fun."