Teamwork really does make the dream work, and when it comes to the health and safety of our travelers on tour, teamwork is essential. That’s why we partner with the industry’s best vendors, suppliers and educators to ensure our standard of excellence is always met. Regardless of a pandemic or the common cold, our team will be ready to assist and provide the best care possible.


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We've raised the bar on all things health and safety


School Tours of America prioritizes safety with a network of prepared staff to handle situations and access to top-rated medical facilities.


Life happens, but the Payment Protection Program has your back. The “no questions asked” cancellation policy allows you to receive a 100% refund (less the cost of the program) should you cancel for ANY reason, even a global pandemic.


Every participant receives a STA drawstring bag to carry essential tour items, keeping you comfortable while on tour.


STA continues to partner with authorized and approved vendors and suppliers to ensure that every staff member is certified to meet our standard of excellence. Please make sure you review our safety policies, protocols, and procedures below.




Only the best

Clean Airlines

While each airline has slightly different processes and protocols in response to COVID-19, all are deep cleaning. Other actions may include reduced seating allocation and face covering requirements while on board. Additionally, food service on the plane is typically not available or pre-packaged.  Up-to-date information is available from each airline. Here are examples of the new safety protocols of some of our major carriers: United, American.

Secured Sites

Because each destination, site or venue, may have their own unique protocols in place, our local teams on the ground are now more important than ever. These expert drivers and guides will be prepared for each itinerary, ensuring that the integrity of the tour is maintained and your students get the experience they deserve.

Charter Promise

In order to be an approved vendor, our private coach partners must meet our safety and health standards. This includes protocols for maintaining a clean environment throughout the day, as well as guidelines for loading luggage, seating policies, and boarding/deboarding procedures.

Selective Food Service

STA selects local restaurants that offer enhanced food safety and hygiene.  This includes new policies like avoiding guest handling of food at buffets, enhanced cleaning/disinfecting, implementing physical distancing with table spacing and possible meal planning modifications, like boxed meals.

Hotel Coordination

Our hotel partners have implemented processes focused on enhanced disinfection and deep cleaning practices, as well as increased level of frequency. There is also guidance for all areas of the hotel with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points and common areas. This advanced detailed protocol is a requirement for all of our hotel suppliers.  We are also offering affordable rooming upgrades for participants who request different room occupancy.






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Emergency Response

All tour staff is trained using a detailed Emergency Contingency Plan. Our East Coast office serves as the main point of contact, providing immediate response and communication with local and federal authorities. 


School Tours of America maintains a 24-hour, toll-free emergency phone number (866-491-1543) exclusively for students and parents. 

Professional, Bonded Security

Private guards are stationed on hotel floors each night, ensuring that students adhere to the strict nightly curfew. 

Medical, Dental & Accident Insurance

Tour participants are automatically covered by medical, dental and accident insurance.


All students wear a wristband or lanyard listing our 24/7 emergency contact information.

Hotel Representatives

A representative from STA stays in the hotel 24/7 to ensure a direct line of communication at all times. 


All tour personnel carry cell phones, and we encourage all students to bring their own cell phones.