Safety & Health

The best safety record of any company in the industry...

School Tours of America will never operate a tour if we believe the safety or health of a single participant would be compromised.

Your Child's Safety On Tour...

School Tours of America has the best safety record of any company in the industry and will always make the health, safety and comfort our overriding priority. A few of our safety measures include:

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Identification: Every participant carries a card or wears a wrist band or lanyard to clearly identify them as part of the tour. Each ID also provides emergency contact information as a quick reference, including a telephone number answered 24/7 by School Tours of America.

Buddy system: All students must participate in all activities with at least one or more students.

Professional bonded nighttime security guards: These security officers are on duty every night on hotel floors occupied by the students. Students also adhere to a strict nightly curfew.

Cell phones: All School Tours of America personnel carry cell phones, and also encourage students to bring their own cell phones.

Hotline:School Tours of America maintains a 24-hour, toll-free emergency phone number for students, teachers and parents, providing quick access in the event of an emergency.

Emergency training: Every tour includes a detailed emergency and contingency plan and STA’s Tour Central Office serves as the main point of contact to provide immediate response and follow-through should an emergency arise.

Your Child's Health On Tour

As parents we understand your concern that your child not only a have a caring and attentive staff present to ensure they are staying safe and drinking plenty of fluids, but also that they have access to the finest health care in the event an issue arises...

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  • On-Call Doctors- In the event of a tour related emergency, School Tours of America’s trained staff will, in conjunction with the tour leader and parents (if available), immediately arrange transportation to the nearest emergency room. Our staff also has access to physicians “on call” who can travel to the group, whether on tour or at the hotel.
  • Medical, Dental & Accident Insurance- All tour participants are automatically covered by medical, dental and accident insurance, in addition to professional liability, errors and omission coverage on all tour leaders and tour staff.