Funding Your Tour


Ask for the Gift of Education

The most successful fund raising technique begins at home. The majority of our students have found success using the gift of education envelopes & letters. Use the following templates for drafting your own personalized gift of education letter or ask your teacher for the envelopes. Mail to family & friends requesting donations toward your trip price in lieu of birthday, holiday or graduation gifts.

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Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships & Grants

There are many organizations that offer student scholarships for educational travel based upon need and merit. School Tours of America is always looking for available scholarships or grants and will share them here along with our suggestions and other resources on how to best acquire these funds

Jan Wright Memorial Scholarship

The staff of School Tours of America have established this scholarship in memory of our beloved friend & educational tour pioneer. This scholarship of up to $500 is awarded to a deserving student based on financial need, merit & must be nominated by a Group Leader.

Scholarships for Students

A variety of non-profit organizations such as the Student Youth Tour Association ( have scholarships for deserving students.

More Scholarship information
  • Road Scholarship
    • The Program awards funds to youth who, for various reasons are unable to afford the cost of their group's educational travel. visit website
  • National Youth Day Out
    • The National Youth Day Out program provides a one-day travel experience for deserving classes around the United States and Canada. visit website
  • Silver Lining Program
    • This program recognizes deserving high school students who have demonstrated through their action, intention, or circumstance the desire to expand their awareness, creating a dramatic life change. visit website

Corporate Grants & Grant Programs

A number of national companies have established grants for travel and education. These grants are generally awarded to a group and thus require the Tour Director or Teacher to apply. Please review each program for guidelines and requirements.

Corporate Grants for Student Travel
  • Verizon Foundation The Verizon Foundation offers teachers grants to promote literacy and fund educational causes. visit website
  • Target Field Trip Grant
      As part of the Target commitment to education, our one-of-a-kind, innovative Target Field Trip Grants program will award as many as 5,000 educators' grants of up to $800 each to fund a student field trip. visit website
  • Grant Programs

    Tips for Grant Apps. & Grant Search Engines

    We have compiled a list of helpful articles on how to best apply for grant funds as well as search engines to assist in finding new grants. Additionally, please contact our Fundraising & Grant Specialist to learn other valuable funding tips.

    Grant Writing-Tips

    Fundraising Corner

    Fundraising Corner

    Congratulations on your decision to participate in this vitally important educational adventure! You will be amazed at how your family, friends, neighbors and even local businesses will rally when it comes to sending students on this life-changing trip. The key to success is to get started right away. Our staff has three decades of witnessing successful fundraising and has developed this page to share their experience and tips.

    Multiple Products
    Food, Chocolate, Coffee and Tea
    Collecting- Labels, Tops, more..
    Online Fundraising

    Fundraising Tips and Ideas

    Fundraising not only offsets the trip costs, it instills a sense of ownership and responsibility that will enhance a student’s appreciation for the experience.  The following is a list of successful fundraising ideas we have seen work over the years as well as a collection of excellent articles on the keys to successful fundraising.

    School Tours of America does not promote or endorse any particular company. The following list is for informational purposes only.

    Ideas and Opportunity links
    Fundraising Tips
    Fundraising Tips- for Groups
    • Traditional Bake Sale
    • Sponsor a Spaghetti Feed
    • Bake Pizzas (pizza supplies)
    • Create A Recipe Book 
    • Raffle Something Cool
    • Craft Fair
    • Talent Show
    • Garage / Yard Sales (group)
    • Car Wash
    • Hold a Marathon
      • Walk-a-thon
      • Read-a-thon
      • Grade-a-thon (kids get $ for every A,B…)
    • Restaurant sponsored Group/School Night
      • Ask a Local Restaurant to donate a night where all proceeds are given to the group.
    • Ask for donations of 'Loose Change'.
    • Remove and recycle Christmas trees
    • Penny or Coin Drives
      • Participants guess how many pennies are in a jar.
    • Offer a Parents Night Out/ Baby-sitting service.
    • Fun/Unusual contests such as a “Break the Record” contest or “Guess Who’s Legs” contest. Raise money by charging for an entry fee and charging per vote.
    Fundraising Tips- for Students

    After School or Summer Jobs:

    • Delivering a paper route
    • Babysitting
    • Work at a Latch key or after school program
    • Work at a Summer Camp
    • Work for your parents
    • Tutor younger students

    Other Ideas:

    • Do chores around the house
    • Wrap presents for family and friends during the holiday season
    • Take care of a neighbors House, Pets, Mail when they travel.
    • Yard Work, Rake Leaves, Mow Lawns, Shovel Snow