How a Class Trip to Colonial Williamsburg Enriches Gifted Education

3 Benefits of Travel for Gifted Students

by Blog Editor

We often discuss the benefits of educational travel programs for youth, referring to the major benefits of increased academic depth, personal independence, development of meaningful relationships, and so forth. These are all fantastic benefits, and of particular significance to gifted, creative, and academically talented youth, as such programs can fill many gaps in the students’ overall education.

It’s also interesting and valuable to note the additional benefits of experiencing an overnight educational travel program such as a student trip to Colonial Williamsburg. A recent study commissioned by the Student Youth Travel Association, alerts us to an expanded view of those benefits. Particular attention is given to the transformational effect that travel has on the social impact of students. Findings taken from the Student and Youth Travel Digest  included these three areas:

Increased  willingness to know, learn and explore

A wealth of survey research suggests that travel encourages the desire to know more and ask questions related to the living classroom.  The  desire of students to expand their  learning and explore promoted valuable experiences and life skills.

Increased independence, self-esteem and confidence

These skills are impossible to learn through traditional instruction or to measure on a standardized test, but they are necessary to becoming a successful, fully contributing member of today’s economy. By tradition and design, educational travel programming specializes in the types of character-building activities that foster these skills and traits.

Increased cooperation and collaboration

In our 21st century world where all people increasingly rely on – and retreat to – electronic stimulation and communication, the experiential learning component requires student travelers and staff to “unplug” and genuinely connect to other people and the historical and educational sites and elements of their itinerary.

The National Society for the Gifted and Talented (NSGT) have found these results to be consistent with their program results as well. Dr. Swicord, CEO of NSGT comments, "We believe that such outcomes are critical for preparing our gifted young people for a productive, compassionate, and competent future in which our global concerns are dealt with in meaningful ways that result in action-oriented solutions.”

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