Frequently Asked Questions

by STA Leadership Team

Last Updated: April 21, 2020

A Message From Our CEO

What is the status of my tour program?
Tours are not being cancelled by School Tours of America, Group Leaders or participants. Rather, tours are being cancelled due to governmental mandates and actions undertaken in response to the global pandemic, COVID-19. We’re working with Group Leaders on a case-by-case basis, to determine the best solution for each tour, prioritizing the most immediate departure dates first. Safety remains our number one priority, and we will only operate a tour program when the destination is safe and viable. We appreciate your continued trust and partnership.

What options are available?
We thank you for your patience while we at STA have undergone the immense exercise of assimilating everything that is happening in the world and how it is affecting our customers, our employees and our business. Our team is currently working with your Group Leader to outline the options available to your group. It is our goal to offer options to our schools and tour participants that provide relief to you but which will allow us at STA to remain a viable business after the world returns to normal, or at least the new normal, once the crisis is over. We will soon announce options for your group.

Why haven’t I heard back from Customer Service?
We are short-staffed and working from home for the safety of our team, which we know has made communication more difficult. For those who have been frustrated by this situation, we understand and sincerely apologize. Due to the high volume of calls and emails, we are unable to respond to each call and email as quickly as we normally do, but we will get to everyone. If your questions are related to a group decision, we recommend waiting to hear from your Group Leader, who will work with our team to confirm and share with you.

How long will it take to get a refund?
We are working expeditiously on processing thousands of cancellations and contacting vendors to request refunds on your behalf. We have been preparing for your tour for a year or more by securing contracts and sending payments to our suppliers to ensure a wonderful experience on tour. We are working on refunds in a timely fashion and currently working with a 90-day window for your refund and will process it sooner when possible. Please know that suppliers are dealing with the same volume of customer service requests as we are, and your refund is dependent on the response from our suppliers and our refund from them. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

What will STA be doing to keep travelers safe on tour?
We are refining our procedures to prevent the spread of germs when our tour programs resume. This includes additional staff training with best practices for hygiene and guidelines for travelers who may be exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus. In addition to updated health and safety protocols on tour, airlines, bus companies, hotels, restaurants, sites, and venues have implemented new cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of germs. Our groups leaders will have the latest information on all of these policies and guidelines.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all families who have lost someone during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the front-line workers throughout the country, who are ensuring that our health, safety and needs are being met during these tough times.

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