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What sort of commitment am I making?
  • Initially, work with Sales Representative to choose a destination and dates.
  • Next, meet your personal Tour Coordinator- this becomes your new best friend who is in charge of planning your tour from A to Z. Your coordinator will work closely with you to learn your preferences and customize an itinerary to meet your exact needs.
  • STA provides you with all promotional and registration materials- You simply hand out “Invitation Letters” to your students and/or parents. Your biggest challenge will be figuring out the best way to reach the most number of students.
  • Once the letters are handed out your job is to enthusiastically promote and encourage students to sign up!
  • We handle all accounting, invoices, bookings, etc.
  • We will have a company representative or fellow veteran teacher available to attend all parent meetings and assist in answering any and all questions about the tour and the company.
What support do I receive while on Tour?
  • A School Tours representative meets your group at the airport upon arrival, assists you in boarding your tour coach and off you go to start the tour with your professional guide.
  • At the hotel, your representative prepares your room before arrival by conducting room checks and arranging everything necessary to ensure a timely, efficient check-in.
  • Upon your arrival at the hotel, your representative greets you with your room list and keys ready to go.
  • We place security chaperones on your floor each night from 10 pm to 5 am so you may have a restful night of sleep.
  • Parents have 24 hour access to our Tour Central and an Emergency Response Center.
  • A representative stays overnight with your group, meets with you each night and morning to review itinerary, confirm appointments, meal allotments, etc. 
  • While you tour during the day, representatives work at airports and routinely assist the touring groups with their needs and special requests (such as arranging birthday parties or other needs).
  • Your representative will assist you with check out and will arrive ahead of your group at the airport to assist with a timely departure home.
How do you ensure the health and safety of tour participants?
  • STA has the best safety record of any tour operator in the industry and will never operate a trip if the safety or health of a single participant is compromised.
  • Extensive Group Leader Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Medical/Accident Insurance on all tour participants.
  • Physicians on 24-hour call  who will come to hotel or group on tour, if necessary.
  • Tour Central Office for 24 hour access on tour.
  • 24-7 Emergency Response Center for students and parents.
  • Emergency Contingency Planning in the event of a city-wide emergency.
  • For more information about our TRIPSolutions and other safe travels tips, click here.
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