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Why should I give up my valuable, cherished free time to become a Group Leader?
  • Teachers in every school give themselves to make a difference. Middle and high school teachers are likely the most important profession in the United States, yet probably the most under appreciated.  We get that.
  • This program offers teachers the BEST way to immediately impact a student with the least work.
  • Give your students an educational opportunity to experience first-hand history, science, government, and art.
  • Witness your students’ life-changing cultural development, their first time away from their family, taking a plane, sharing with roommates, budgeting souvenir money, meeting kids from other backgrounds, exhibiting etiquette and reverence at national memorials and exploring a new and exciting place.
  • Upon return, witness your students’ increased grades, discipline, college interest, self-esteem and maturity.
  • Our client teachers, on average, take 15 trips. Many have taken the trip 25 times or more.
  • Our teacher clients will agree leading this tour helped them become “THAT” teacher in their school.   Years later, students will return from high school and college to thank you for giving them the best experience of their childhood.
What sort of commitment am I making?
  • Initially, work with Sales Representative to choose a destination and dates.
  • Next, meet your personal Tour Coordinator- this becomes your new best friend who is in charge of planning your tour from A to Z. Your coordinator will work closely with you to learn your preferences and customize an itinerary to meet your exact needs.
  • STA provides you with all promotional and registration materials- You simply hand out “Invitation Letters” to your students and/or parents. Your biggest challenge will be figuring out the best way to reach the most number of students.
  • Once the letters are handed out your job is to enthusiastically promote and encourage students to sign up!
  • We handle all accounting, invoices, bookings, etc.
  • We will have a company representative or fellow veteran teacher available to attend all parent meetings and assist in answering any and all questions about the tour and the company.
But what if I can’t get enough for a full group?
  • STA will try and find a possible combination group with a similar itinerary. This is often a great experience for your students to meet kids from other parts of the country.
  • If you don’t have any registrants or simply to few to take the tour, the trip can be canceled and all money returned to registrants.
What support do I receive while on Tour?
  • A School Tours representative meets your group at the airport upon arrival, assists you in boarding your tour coach and off you go to start the tour with your professional guide.
  • At the hotel, your representative prepares your room before arrival by conducting room checks and arranging everything necessary to ensure a timely, efficient check-in.
  • Upon your arrival at the hotel, your representative greets you with your room list and keys ready to go.
  • We place security chaperones on your floor each night from 10 pm to 5 am so you may have a restful night of sleep.
  • Parents have 24 hour access to our Tour Central and an Emergency Response Center.
  • A representative stays overnight with your group, meets with you each night and morning to review itinerary, confirm appointments, meal allotments, etc. 
  • While you tour during the day, representatives work at airports and routinely assist the touring groups with their needs and special requests (such as arranging birthday parties or other needs).
  • Your representative will assist you with check out and will arrive ahead of your group at the airport to assist with a timely departure home.
What Safety, Insurance and Medical Precautions do you take?
  • STA has the best safety record of any tour operator in the industry and will never operate a trip if the safety or health of a single participant is compromised.
  • Extensive Group Leader Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Medical/Accident Insurance on all tour participants.
  • Physicians on 24-hour call  who will come to hotel or group on tour, if necessary.
  • Tour Central Office for 24 hour access on tour.
  • 24-7 Emergency Response Center for students and parents.
  • Emergency Contingency Planning in the event of a city-wide emergency.
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